Staff at Colossalcon

So you want to volunteer at Colossalcon? By helping Colossalcon for a few short shifts during the weekend, your admission price is reimbursed! Volunteers help make the convention happen! From setting up, helping attendees and various departments, Volunteers help the staff in pulling off a great convention each year.


In order to be a Volunteer, you must pay for admission to attend the convention. This can be either pre-pay online or pay at the door. However, if you pre-pay online during the lower admission rate, it will save you money.

When Volunteers work enough hours they will have their registration fee refunded to them when their hours are completed. 15 hours minimum (five 3-hour shifts during the convention)

Volunteer Position roles:

Some duties you may expect in this role are:

  • Checking for badges at the various convention functions and checkpoints.
  • Helping set up event rooms
  • Taking things to or fetching things for various staff members.
  • Helping in the staff suite.
  • Helping out in various departments where needed. For example, Admission, Security, and others.
  • Anything else staff in general needs assistance with.


  • When you report to duty, first go to Con Operations (Con Ops) to receive your assignment for your shift.
  • After your assignment is completed, please check in with the staff member leading the department you are assisting with.
  • Return to Con Ops. You will then be given another another assignment (usually a runner for the rest of your shift), or you will check out if your shift is over.
Badge Checkers
  • If you are badge checking for your shift, you will be sent to a designated spot where you will check in with the security leader in charge of that area.
  • When you are relieved, you are to check out with the security person and report back to Con Ops.


  • In order to have your badge reimbursed you need to work for 15 hours minimum. This will be about five three hour shifts throughout the convention.
  • Working more shows us you care about con and want it to succeed. Volunteers that show enthusiasm toward the position are often asked to return, perhaps in a higher position the following year.

Staff Rules

  • Gophers and all staff are expected to abide by Colossalcon’s Code of Conduct as well as all of our policies and rules.
  • All staff positions are expected to treat other congers and staff with courtesy and respect. Rude behavior or remarks toward attendees or staffers is not tolerated.
  • If there is something that you do not know, ask a staffer above you. All of our convention policies are posted on our website and can be easily searched when in doubt.
  • Punctuality is expected: Please show up to your shifts on time. Often, there is another person waiting for their break and they cannot leave their post until a replacement arrives. If you are running late, for a good reason or cannot make your shift, contact Con Ops ASAP so a replacement can be found.
  • Convention staff reserves the right to remove you from the schedule if there is proven unreliability (failure to show up for shifts, not performing assigned duties, etc).