Colossalcon Karaoke

Colossalcon Karaoke is hosted by the MIC Group!
Colossalcon Karaoke is hosted by the MIC Group!

Alright, so maybe you want to sing, but you don’t want to compete, your song isn’t allowed for Idol (there’s a lot involved, trust us, we know!), or you just want to have a good time singing some of your favorite songs with friends, or even strangers, in a judgment-free zone? Then Karaoke is the place for you! This annual, multi-event block takes place Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday evenings for 4 hours each night. Join us for just one, all three, or anywhere in between and sign-up during the event to get on the microphone and sing any song acceptable for an All-Ages audience (this is NOT an 18+ event, so no explicit content is allowed. PG-13!!) 

We’re all here for a good time AND a long time, but only as long as you’re willing to cooperate with us! Please see our Karaoke Rules list for full details, but below is the quick version of our six primary rules:

  1. Respect the person who has the microphone as well as the sound equipment itself.
  2. All songs must follow Broadcasting guidelines (ie. no explicit content, songs should be Radio-acceptable,).
  3. Songs should be kept to a max of 5 minutes and additional signups should not be added until after you’ve performed your current request.
  4. Have an alternative song in mind in case you are called up because we deem your song inappropriate.
  5. Limit the number of people coming up to and around our table by using our digitally-accessible options.
  6. All Colossalcon rules still apply during Karaoke hours.


If you need to contact us for any reason, we have several outlets of communication! The fastest way to connect with us is via email, but we also have a FaceBook and Twitter page, as well as a new Discord server, where all of our participants, fans, and anyone else can chat about Karaoke, Idol, or any of our other potential programming! Links included below:

Email: midwestidols@gmail.comFaceBook -|- Twitter
Discord Server