Admission FAQ has important information regarding ticket/badge sales and all admission related concerns!

At the door Admission

4-Day Admission: $75

Thursday admission: $38

Friday Admission: $38

Saturday Admission: $49

Sunday Admission: $26

VIP Admission: $175 (see the VIP benefits below)

Season Pass: Online Only

Get all weekend access to all 3 Colossalcon events for one price! This season pass is good for all 2021 Colossalcon events (Colossalcon, Colossalcon East, Colossalcon Texas), and is not transferable to 2022, but you can transfer to someone else to use for a 2021 Colossalcon event. PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are not available for this ticket type.

When you arrive to the con, You may begin picking up your pass at the time stated on your Eventbrite ticket (ex. 4 Day Admission Pickup Starting June 2nd at 6pm, etc).

Registration Transfers

Transfers from 2020 to 2021:

If you transferred your pass from 2020, to this year, you can pickup your pass at anytime registration is open.

Transferring to another event:

Alternatively, you can transfer your Colossalcon admission to either Colossalcon East, or Colossalcon Texas as well. Please note, that your badge must be redeemed and used before 2023.

How to upgrade your pass:

Please contact us directly at  if you wish to transfer your pass.

Registration Hours:

Wednesday: 6pm-midnight (Pre reg, VIP only)
Thursday: 10am-midnight
Friday: 9am – midnight
Saturday: 9am – midnight
Sunday: 9am-5pm

Badge Pickup Locations

When claiming your pass, please be sure to have your barcode print out or the barcode available on your phone from eventbrite!

Registration Locations:
Entrance A and Entrance B of the convention center

Photographer pass info can be found here.

VIP pass benefits: 

VIP badges give the holder all the benefits and access of a regular 4-day badge plus the following:

Colossalcon T-shirt
Colossalcon beach towel
Admission to the After Hours Waterpark on an evening of your choice
10 fast pass vouchers*
Special VIP autograph session**

*Fast pass vouchers allow the bearer to cut to the front of a line. One use per ticket. Not redeemable for autograph lines.

** The VIP autograph session will take place on Friday evening of the event. It is a closed-door autograph session with all or most of the guests. Each guest’s personal autograph policies and prices remain in effect. As of 11/21/2019, all guests offer a free autograph on an item provided by the attendee(one pass through per guest). Any guest announced after 11/21/19 may or may not charge for autographs (most don’t). We strive to have all convention guests at the VIP session and they usually are, but sometimes due to schedules, some cannot make it. In the event that a given guest cannot be at the VIP autograph session, we will make arrangements for VIP badge holders to be able to skip to the front of the line for their normal autograph sessions. The session is limited to one hour, and has always provided ample time for VIP badge holders to obtain all desired autographs, but if time runs out, guests are not obligated to remain after that hour.