Find a Cosplay Photographer

Photographer Listing

Anyone is welcome to take photos at the convention,
but if you intend to charge people and cosplayers for
photoshoots, then for their protection, we require
you to purchase a photographer‘s pass. The purpose
of the application process is to verify your service as
legitimate, not to judge quality of work.

To Apply for a Photographers Badge and to see the
photography rules, click here:

Photographer listing

Aaron Linniman Photography(@Kitsune.cosphoto)
Bad Wolf Photography
Bear² Photography
Beyond Infinite
Blacksmith photography
Boda The Yoda Photography
Boris Quezada Photography
Brett Bauer Photography
Burress Productions
C. Wolfe Imaging Cosplay Edition
CelloLove Photography
Chris Goss Photography
Clouds Cosplay Photography
Cosplay Cutie
Crispy Pixel
Cyberhead Designs
Dan Seiter
Deathcom Multimedia
Elizabeth-Richelle Photography
Enigma Photography
Fang Fox Photography
Fire Wolf Media
Flannel Ninja
Forest’s Edge Photography
Foto In A Juicebox
Goatsama Photography
Helix Digital Photography
Jeff Hoffman Photography
Jurai Media Group Photography
Just Some Nerd
Kara Mel Photography
KayC Photographs
KRN Photography
Lion Mane Photography LLC
Lowpro Photography
M9 Cosplay
Matthew Tran
Matt Sobo Photo
Mika Bridges Photography
Miranda Bryant Photography
Mistywaterdrop Photography
MJL Photography
Mouzycat Cosplay photography
Oliver Momo – Casual Killjoy
MR.Z Editing
Nancy Kay Photography
OOC Photography
Optimal Video & Photography
part time photography
PhantomStar Photography
Plaid Cat
PTP Cosplay Photography
Pyro’s PTCS Photography
Red Lazarus Photography
rdfox photography
Red Nitrox Photography
Richard McIntyre Photography
Ryan Camacho Photography
Rynea Photography
Sarina Benn Creative
Sassy Amigas Photography
SKN Visuals
Smiling Pitbull Photography
Spencer Shryock
Strider Studios
Technichrome Visuals
The Portrait Dude
Tobious Photography
True Hearts Photography
Tsukiyama-sama Studios Photography
UMBRA Photography
Unaru Cosplay
Vander The Generalist
Vaughn Photography
Yenra Photography