About Us

Hours of Operation:

Thursday 4pm-3am
Friday 10am -3am
Saturday 10am -3am
Sunday 10am – 6pm

These times are to give you an idea as to what to expect for our operating hours. For a more accurate list of of hours, please refer to our schedule of events when it is released.

What’s Colossalcon?

Colossalcon is a five-day event in the Sandusky Ohio region that features a variety of entertainment in a diverse, multi-function environment from Live Acts and Performers to industry and media guests, DJs, artists, vendors, and attendees from all over the world.

Colossalcon, called the Cleveland Colossal Convention initially, started in 2002 in Strongsville, Ohio. It currently is a five-day event in the Sandusky, Ohio, region that features a variety of entertainment in a diverse, multi-function, crowd-friendly environment. One ticket price gives you access to all Concerts, Live Acts, and Performers to industry and media guests, DJs, artists, and vendors. Fans from all over the world make plans to attend yearly. Tickets are available in advance or at the door.
Notable musical guests have included local, national, and international bands and musicians such as Shonen Knife, Eyeshine, Symphonic Anime Orchestra, David Liebe Hart, Kazha, Professor Shyguy, Taylor Davis, Triforce Quartet, Kid Yuki, Professor Shyguy, Super Guitar Bros, Chii Sakurabi, Ghost in Blue, Jennifer Cihi. Performances have been by Samurai Dan, Chalk Twins, Eargasm Comedy, No Ordinary Balloon Man, Ohio Robot Club, Mega Championship Wrestling, Get Hep Swing. Actors and Media Guests who have attended and hosted audience panels have included Phil Lamarr, Savana Wehunt, Jason Trost, Jake the Snake Roberts, Sam J Jones, Mica Burton, Dean Roll(Shark Boy), J Michael Tatum, Mela Lee, Vic Mignogna, Carrie Keranen, Jessica Dicicco, Casandra Lee Morris, Lisa Ortiz, Jamie Marchi, Chris Sabat, Ian Sinclair, Billy West, Monica Rial, Cherami Leigh, Bryce Papenbrook, Erica Schroeder, Patrick Seitz, Johnny Young Bosch, Jessica Calvello, Cree Summer, Eric Vale, Matthew Mercer, Steve Blum, Lauren Landa, Chuck Huber, Spike Spencer, Ben Diskin, Kaiji Tang, Erika Harlacher, Laura Post, Amber Lee Connors, Daman Mills, Brian Beacock, Elizabeth Maxwell, Kara Eberle, Dante Basco, Jason Liebrecht, Chris Patton, Cynthia Cranz, Kristen McGuire, Ray Chase, Max Mittelman, David Vincent, Steve Blum, Jeremy Inman, Todd Haberkorn, James Elmer, Natalie Hoover, Tia Ballard, Lindsay Seidel, Trina Nishimura, Walt Simonson, Loiuse Simonson, and Dwayne McDuffie among others.