• J-Fashion Tea Party Info and Tickets online!

    Information as well as tickets for the J-Fashion tea party are online!

    The tea party will take place on Saturday of the convention (June 1st) from 1-3pm! Tickets are $55 and include high tea, scones, tarts, tea, goodies, amazing raffle prizes and more! This is the perfect event for those interested in Japanese alternative fashion and want a fancier event to escape the con crowds!

  • ANX KPOP BATTLES: Solo Classic

    Signups are open to participate in our ultimate creative dance-cover event if you’re a Kpop fan, be a part of history as we look to crown an ANX Kpop Battles Solo champion for Colossalcon – Sandusky, Ohio.

    All our signups [Solo only] are monitored through our discord as spots are usually limited. This is where you’ll see event details. Sign ups will close May 26th, but are subject to close early at any time so please check our ANX Kpop Battles discord often. 

  • Performance Guest Announcement: i-lectro*cute

    i-lectro*cute brings an emotional experience combining Japanese Otaku remixes with EDM and Pop. i-lectro*cute juggles multiple genres, from progressive electro house all the way to J-core/Happy Hardcore, with a variety of bass music in between. Known also for freestyle dance on Youtube as Holly Ann², you can expect some live gogo-dancing from her DJ booth! i-lectro*cute is Utah’s Premier Anisong DJ and has been building the local Anikura scene from the ground up.

  • Performance Guest Announcement: Jinrei

    Named Andre “Jinrei” Smith, Originally born in Bristol (England), now currently resides in Las Vegas (Nevada) has been DJ’ing since 2006. Jinrei to this day continues to DJ on the road and or host after-parties.

    Jinrei’s style is very House based from his original produced music/remixes to popular Top 40s he like to mix into his sets live. Ultimately, he likes to play actual “dance music” for various types of crowds whether it be a drinking social crowd or even a hard hitting rager. The quality is always there for the right vibe and or event theme.

    Presently, Jinrei is more these days booked as a featured guest DJs at official convention after parties as well as still holding several annual residencies in 4 states.

  • Performance Guest Announcement: Huskie

    Huskie, born Dustin Jenkins, is a 29-year-old future riddim and free form bass-inspired music artist hailing from Columbia, SC. Known for Experimental bass and Dubstep, Huskie is making waves in the music scene with his distinctive sound and captivating performances. 

    Born on August 3rd, 1994, Huskie discovered his passion for music at an early age. Growing up in Columbia, SC, he was exposed to many different music events and festivals with his mother. getting to see bands such as Ozzy Osborne, Stone Temple Pilots, Shine Down, and Cage the Elephant. These early encounters laid the foundation for Huskie’s deep connection with music. 

    In 2023, Huskie made his mark with the debut single titled “Fresh Outta Patience.” The single garnered attention for its unique voiceline and marked Huskie’s breakthrough in the industry. 

    With a signature style that seamlessly blends Free Form Bass with Riddim and dubstep using thought-provoking lyrics, and energetic beats, Huskie continues to push artistic boundaries. Fans appreciate his ability to Freestyle and bring something new and interesting to every set he plays.

  • Guest Announcement: Yaya Han

    Yaya Han is a cosplayer, designer and author with more than 20 years of activity in the fandom world. Yaya has made over 400 costumes, been featured in two US Network TV Shows and countless magazines, books, newspapers and online media outlets, and she appears as a guest and speaker at hundreds of events all over the globe. Over the years, Yaya’s work has impacted cosplay profoundly and has helped shape it into a commercial industry. Yaya is the first cosplayer to bring branded cosplay-focused sewing and crafting products such as fabrics, trims and a Yaya Han sewing machine to the mass retail market. She is also the first to chronicle a cosplayer’s life story and the evolution of modern cosplay culture in the book, “Yaya Han’s World of Cosplay”.

  • Event Update: Itasha Car Display

    Colossalcon is thrilled to announce the arrival of Itasha Cars for a showcase throughout the weekend.

    “Itasha” literally means “painful car” in Japanese, but there’s nothing painful about these eye-catching rides! Itasha cars are decked out in vibrant and stunning designs featuring their owner’s favorite anime characters and scenes. It’s an artful celebration of our shared love for anime and manga.

    Come enjoy the creativity and passion of Itasha enthusiasts as they proudly display their personalized rides for the entire convention. From iconic characters to breathtaking scenes, these cars are a moving canvas of anime culture.

    Don’t miss your chance to snap pics with these dazzling cars and share your favorites on social media!

    If you think your car has what it takes to join the Itasha display please fill out the form linked below or email: itashadisplaycoordinator@gmail.com with any questions!

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: So you think you can fanon?

    So You Think You can Fanon is a Midwest based podcasting/panel group dedicated to covering fanfiction, fanworks, writing and Fandom. Whether it’s making you laugh with our unique brand of comedy or using our knowledge to break down your favorite works of fiction, you truly never know what your gonna get when you come to our panels.

    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4IaHe2UG7ZnM4MUcZfeqDA

    Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCiZtR93vQ41wptPPAaqQrAw

  • Dealer Room Update!

    For the first time the Dealer Room will be open on Thursday at Colossalcon 2024. See the hours below:

    • Thursday : 4pm – 9pm
    • Friday : 11am – 8pm
    • Saturday : 10am – 8pm
    • Sunday : 10am – 3pm
  • Performance Guest Announcement: Likely Vain

    Likely Vain, also known as those queer house music siblings, is a brother and sister edm duo based out of Raleigh, NC. Formed in 2023, they provide a high energy set that brings the best vibes everywhere they go. With a mix that features House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep and more- There’s always something for everybody at Likely Vain show!