J-fashion Tea Party

Did you know that the first Saturday of June and December every year is known as International lolita day? Colossalcon just happens to fall on this special Lolita fashion holiday! Join us for a special summer International lolita day tea party event!

Lolita fashion is a very popular alternative fashion style that originated in Japan in the mid 1990’s. It’s based on Victorian and Rococo elements, with some retro and/or modern flair. Today, it has taken the world by storm, with enthusiasts around the world! This fashion is worn and celebrated by people of all ages, races, and genders. It’s a fashion style that embodies dressing in a beautiful and/or cute style for the enjoyment of yourself and friends who enjoy doing the same.

Time and Location:

The Colossalcon Tea Party will be taking place from 12pm-3pm on Saturday (June 1st) in the Banyan room of the Kalahari Convention Center (next to Con Ops and the Business center)


Undersea Symphony Join us for a fantastic deep-sea themed high tea event! Bring out your favorite mermaid, marine, nautical and musical themes! Our colors this year will be purples, blues and greens.

You do not need to stick to these colors or themes to attend the tea party or win the coordinate contest. This is an option for those who would like to particpate and blend in with the theming!

Disclaimer: This event will not take place in the waterpark, nor will there be any live musical perforamances. The title “Undersea Symphony” is merely the general theme of this year’s event.


The Colossalcon Tea Party is a private, ticketed event and is not included within regular convention admission. 

Ticket price is $55 (+fees) and can only purchased prior to the convention. Because this event requires a head count, tickets will not be available at the door. Tickets will be sold online until 2 weeks prior to the convention or until we reach 56 total tickets sold, whichever comes first.

Deadline: May 18th 2024

Note about Colossalcon Admission: You do not need to pre-purchase your Colossalcon admission to purchase a tea party ticket! However, you need at minimum, a Saturday badge to enter the event. This badge can be purchased at the door. Any other badge type valid for Saturday is accepted, of course! However Thursday or Friday badges will not be applicable for this event. You can upgrade your badge to a full 4-day admission or buy an additional admission for Saturday at the Colossalcon Admission Booth.

Your ticket purchase will include the following:

  • Admission to the Lolita Tea Party
  • High tea (menu below)
  • A special gift bag with keepsakes for the event: including a keychain, a postcard-sized mini art print, and stickers.
  • A special Colossalcon ribbon game ribbon exclusive to the event!
  • Four raffle Tickets to win a lolita fashion prize, including accessories, novelty items and more!
  • Chance to win a $50 cash prize in our Coordinate Contest!


Assorted tea sandwiches

Fresh Cucumber and Dill cream cheese, Egg Salad on wheat berry, Ham and cheddar, Chicken salad, and smoked salmon with herb cheese spread.
(The tea sandwhiches are large in size, and are not the typical small-size finger sandwhiches!)

Savory and sweet Scone and Biscuits Bar

A home-made selection of the classics Fresh baked buttermilk biscuits, sage and cheddar biscuit, cinnamon sugar biscuits, fruit tarts, and scones served with a selection of Preserves, whipped butters, and Wild flower Honey

 Assortment of Regular and decaf teas

Dress Code:

Because this is a lolita fashion event, dress code will be strictly enforced. Those not adhering to the following dress code will not be permitted entry to the event and will be turned away at the door. Tea Party tickets are non-refundable.

  • Lolita fashion, Aristrocrat, Ouji / Boystyle.
    • You do not need to wear major Japanese brand items. Indie brands are welcome!
    • You can wear items made by yourself, as long as they fit the aesthetic and do not fit under the umbrella of cosplay.
  • Other dressy j-fashion styles are permitted, so long as they contain semi-formal elements (gyaru, fairy kei, decora, etc)
  • Traditional east-Asian formal and semi-formal attire is permitted and welcome. (Kimono, Furisode, Hanfu, Hanbok, etc)
  • No casual shoes like sneakers, tennis shoes, slides, flip flops, etc. Exemptions are made for those with disability or injury and need to wear shoes of this type. Excemptions are made if they are coordinated to a J-fashion coordinate (pastel American brand sneakers with Fairy Kei)
  • No blue jeans, casual shorts, regular t-shirts, etc.
  • Significant others, friends, or guardians not participating in the fashion must adhere to Sunday-Best attire, Dress pants, and a nice shirt or dresses and skirts with nice tops only.

Regarding Cosplay:

In general, cosplay is discouraged during this event.


Character-inspired coordinates: This means that you are not dressing as a character. Rather, you are adding elements of a character into a coordinate. For example, wearing your favorite sailor one-piece, putting your hair in pigtails, and wearing some moon-themed accessories and a bag. While you are not cosplaying Sailor Moon, you are wearing a coordinate inspired by her design.

Over the Top / “Costumey” lolita coordinates: These are fine and welcome. This means adding wings to an otherwise lolita-specific coordinate that has pegasus or angelic themes. You can get creative.


Lolita versions of characters: This would include taking a character that normally does not wear lolita fashion and making a lolita version of their outfit. For example, a lolita Naruto or lolita Vash the Stampede.

Lolita-esque / inspired anime or game characters: These are Some examples include Chobits, Rozen Maiden, Black Butler and others. While they contain elements of lolita fashion, they are full cosplays.

Formal Cosplays: Characters that wear formal attire still fall under cosplay. This might include Disney princesses, Utena Rose bride dresses, SeeD uniforms from FF8, etc.

While you may wear these types of cosplays, they will not be eligable for the coordinate contest. We strongly suggest wearing J-fashion or Sunday best for this event.

Regarding Replicas

Dresses and skirts that include copyrighted logos, artwork and mascot characters are strongly discouraged during the event. Coordinates that contain a main piece (dress, skirt, etc) that is an illegal counterfeit will be disqualified from the coordinate contest.

Design replicas that are generic in shape/color and contain no illegally obtained artwork and logos are fine. This includes plain main pieces with no prints or generic all-over prints (tartan, florals, gingham, dots), generic shaped shoes (cross straps, bows), generic shaped bags (heart, star). These are acceptable for the coordinate contest. 


Exemptions on cosplay and dress code may be given on a case-by-case basis. You must communicate with us beforehand  and meet the following criteria:

  1. Have entered the saturday masquerade and have selected a judging time that conflicts with the tea party, and does not allow you to change with enough time.

  2. You are running a panel or photoshoot involving your cosplay where you cannot change the time and are unable to change within enough time. (These exemptions do not extend to those attending these panels or photoshoots)

Raffle and Prizes

Each person attending will get four raffle tickets. Each item in the raffle will be numbered. You can write your top 3 raffle item choices on your tickets. You may choose to fill out all four tickets with the same numbers or write a variety of numbers. If your ticket is drawn, you will get your choice from whatever raffle prizes remain on the table, with the option to choose whatever is left if/when your ticket is drawn.

The raffle prizes include items such as hair accessories, jewelry, purses, cosmetics, and novelty items and more! We try to include major Japanese lolita brand items, but we also include items from indie brands. In addition, there will be general anime-themed prizes for plus ones.

Your tea party ticket purchase helps to provide lots of great items for our raffle!

Coordinate Contest:

We will host a coordinate contest!

The top winner for the contest will win a $50 cash prize!

There is no specific criteria to win the coordinate contest, but this prize usually goes to someone with an elaborate and well-put-together coordinate.

Coordinates are judged by all in attendance. The winner is selected at the end of the event.

About the Food

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

The tea party will have food that  may have been prepared with or near equipment / utensils that have been used with nuts. If you have a strong nut allergy and cannot be present around any nuts, we recommend that you do not attend this event. Due to the limited nature of our menu, we cannot make specific dietary arrangements such as providing gluten free, sugar free, dairy-free, or vegan alternatives. If this is a concern for you, we recommend that you do not attend this event.

As an alternative, you may opt to bring any item prepared by and sold by the Kalahari venue in place that meets your dietary needs. 
We cannot provide a discount to those not eating the food catered for this event.

Outside Food and Drink

All food and drink brought into the tea party must be purchased from and provided by the Kalahari. Because of this, we cannot allow outside snacks and beverages to be brought in, this includes home baked goods. We kindly ask for your understanding of this important rule.

Taking Food from the Event

All food must be kept within the convention center premises. Any food left over at the end of the event is free to be taken by anyone attending!

Everything Else

Policy on Young Children

Children under the age of 5 are strongly discouraged from attending unless absolutely necessary. While a child may enjoy the event, younger children may become fussy or cause a problem for other tea party attendants. We ask to leave your very young children with a relative or trusted caretaker if you wish to attend the event. Children must also adhere to dress code, with a minimum of Sunday-best attire if they cannot wear tiny J-fashion.

Leaving the event early or arriving late

You may leave the event at any time or leave and come back. If you believe you may be running late (such as a panel or event, travel, parking issues) please do your best to contact us ahead of time.

Due to noise in the hallway, we will close the doors, but you may enter. In addition, there is a restroom immediately within the vicinity of the event room. However, you will need to pass the first badge checkpoint to reach it and you will be turned away without a badge. Please make sure you leave the event room with your badge! This area may become crowded.


Questions or concerns regarding the Lolita Tea Party can be addressed to lolitafashion@colossalcon.

Event Photos

2023’s theme was The Mysterious Garden!