Colossalcon MV Contest

Please be sure to read the info below before submitting! 

We are going to have Colossalcon Music Video Contest!!

Every year, the convention has its own memories, cosplays, and memes, and we all know that one of the best forms of capturing them is with Cosplay Music Videos. So, here’s where we want to create a great give and take with you guys to help document our convention for not only us to see, but for others out there to see what Colossalcon can be.

When it comes to your MV, know that your Art has no requirements. We will judge each MV for what it is, and if you do some amazing work then we will appreciate it. THOUGH, we do absolutely love to see the diversity that we see as staff of the people who come to our con, and seeing a full showcase of our locations (not just the waterpark).

BUT this isn’t just for Press and Media to do! We do want to see what you all can do. We will watch what is submitted and we may ask if we could use a clip from your MV for promotion (with your permission and credited of course)!

The Current Timeline:

During Colossalcon – Take as much footage as you can!
June 23 – The deadline to make one or more music videos, post them on Youtube, and submit the links to our form on our website.
June 26 – Our panel of judges will take over!
July 3 – Top 2 will be announced! With 1st place being named our Colossalcon MV of 2023!

Contest information

Please no repeat submissions from previous years!

Length? :
It can be 2 minutes it can be 5 minutes, it’s up to you!

Song limitations? :
As of this year there are no limitations on songs used. Though if its possible to use public domain music, or music you have permission to use we would recommend that!

Content/Kalahari or Convention? :
Show off everything we have to offer! From the amazing location that is the Kalahari (land, waterpark, arcade, etc) to the convention and its events. The waterpark is a fantastic place to shoot, but there are some attendees that never make it to the water park. It would be a shame to miss out on what they could bring to your footage!

Solo or Group? :
We don’t have any restrictions on if a team made it or one person. Some people work better together and some are better by themselves.

One Entry or More? :
Currently, for this year we don’t mind if you submit more than one! It can be hard to narrow down which of your MV’s to submit so as of this year’s rules we have no limit. (though please don’t send us like 20)

What are we looking for? :
If you want any direction on what we are looking for, it can be summed up in one statement. We want to see what someone attending our con, can show us of people enjoying the con. Late night fun / events / waterpark / food / autographs / photoshoots / location / cosplay / friendships / etc. That’s all.


1st place:
– Colossalcon MV of 2023, this is the MV we as the con will have on our website, reference, and use for 2023! Full credited on every media we use it on.
– Priority Booking for a room at the Kalahari for 2024 Colossalcon Prime
– A free press badge for 2024 Colossalcon Prime

2nd Place:
– A free press badge for 2024 Colossalcon Prime + 1 weekend badge for a friend

Good luck to you all, we can’t wait to see what you guys can make!