Huskie, born Dustin Jenkins, is a 29-year-old future riddim and free form bass-inspired music artist hailing from Columbia, SC. Known for Experimental bass and Dubstep, Huskie is making waves in the music scene with his distinctive sound and captivating performances. 

Born on August 3rd, 1994, Huskie discovered his passion for music at an early age. Growing up in Columbia, SC, he was exposed to many different music events and festivals with his mother. getting to see bands such as Ozzy Osborne, Stone Temple Pilots, Shine Down, and Cage the Elephant. These early encounters laid the foundation for Huskie’s deep connection with music. 

Huskie’s musical journey began when he started playing guitar at the age of 5. As he got older he started to learn about djing and electronic music from one of his friends. He quickly developed a unique style, drawing inspiration from Skrillex, Subtronics, LSDream, and Ravenscoon. This eclectic blend of influences contributed to the evolution of Huskie’s sound, making it a fusion of Dubstep, Riddim, and Free Form Bass.

With a signature style that seamlessly blends Free Form Bass with Riddim and dubstep using thought-provoking lyrics, and energetic beats, Huskie continues to push artistic boundaries. Fans appreciate his ability to Freestyle and bring something new and interesting to every set he plays.

Throughout Huskie’s career, he has achieved several accomplishments and performed several shows such as DJing the silent disco at Imagine Music Festival 2023. Notable highlights include his collaboration with Player1 Productions and M3RMADE of Station Underground.

In 2023, Huskie released  his highly anticipated “Fresh Outta Patience” EP released on sound cloud. The project showcases his evolution as an artist and explores themes of growth and exploration within production.

Upcoming Ventures:

 Looking ahead, Huskie is gearing up for his first full length album and accompanying performances. Fans can expect his continued dedication to pushing the boundaries of bass music and fusing genres in unexpected ways.

Huskie is not just a DJ; he is an artist and producer whose music resonates with audiences on a profound level. As he continues to grow and evolve, Huskie remains committed to growing in the industry, playing concerts and music festival, and bringing people joy with his music