Finding Help @ Con / Lost & Found

Con Operations / Con-Ops

If you find yourself needing help, go to Con-Ops (Con-Operations), located in the Ironwood room on the Kalahari map.

Con Ops can help you with:

  • Questions
  • Lost & Found
  • Programming / Panel Issues
  • Photoshoot Issues
  • Press/Photograph Questions
  • Tampons
  • Any issues that you may have that you’d like to talk to staff about.

Help & Safety

Security issues should be taken to our Security team who will liaison with the hotel, as necessary. We take all issues very seriously. Please report incidents as they occur!

Finding Help Online

If you are trying to find help online, chat with people, or share pictures, your best option is to post in the Colossalcon Facebook Group , where attendees and staff may be available to respond.