• The Federation

    Warp Into Colossalcon Trekker Fun at the Federation Booth Across from the Marrakesh Market!

    The International Federation of Trekkers has been representing Star Trek fans at Colossalcon since 2016. We love our Trekker cosplayers and are thrilled to partner with the IFT in bringing intergalactic features to the con. Everyone should be a starship Captain for a day and you can get your picture taken in a screen accurate replica of Captain Kirks chair from the bridge of the original series Enterprise. Check out the Copernicus shuttlecraft parked at Gate B. The Crown Palm Room has been converted into a Ten Forward Lounge featuring a galaxy of Star Trek themed panels and events. There’s even a Star Trek cosplay contest on Saturday  from 4-6 p.m. Click on the link below to check out the full schedule of Trekker adventure!  Live Long and Prosper!

  • Guest Update: Zeno Robinson

    We’re sorry to say that Zeno Robinson has to cancel his appearance to Colossalcon 2024, from a work conflict. He instead will be coming to Colossalcon North 2024. If you pre-bought an autographs spot for Zeno you will be receiving an email for the refund for it, so please look out for that! If you bought multiple spots including Zeno at once, in order to not mess up the others in the order we ask that you come to Autographs at the con for your refund on his. In the meantime we hope you support Zeno for the Big City Greens movie Premiere. He’s excited to see everyone at Colossalcon North in November!

  • Autograph Timeslots are now Live!

    In keeping with our current autographs system, autographs will be run on a by demand queueing system. All scheduled times will be broken down to 15 minute blocks and an “average” queue amount will be available per 15 minutes. (This “average” can fluctuate or be different for each guest based on how fast their line is going.) By coming to the autographs desk and “reserving” your slot in one of these queues you no longer have to wait hours in line, just come back during your reserved time and now only wait 15 minutes! Walk-ups will also be available if a guest has no line/no queue, just ask the autographs team!

    But if you don’t want to wait to book your timeslot you can do so at the link below for a small fee!

    Pre-sign up Autograph slots will be available until May 26th 11:59pm. All leftover slots will be available at the autographs desk at the convention!

    All guests will leave the last 30 minutes to their scheduled autographs for the day for any overflow or issues and cannot be booked/reserved. If you cannot make your time, please come to the autographs desk and they’ll be happy to help move you to a better suited time still available.

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: Toothless & Alana

    Toothless the Puppy and Cardcaptor Alana (the Human) are an enthusiastic service dog team dedicated to geekiness and pawsitivity. Service Dog Toothless became famous through TikTok for playing the iconic TTRPG known as Dungeons and Dragons. Cardcaptor Alana makes Toothless’ elaborate canine cosplays and provides the voices for all the animals for Toothless’ videos. In addition to her cosplay skills, Alana also has extensive character-performing experience! Add this dynamic duo to your adventuring pawty today by joining their live charity D&D event, attending one of their fun and informative panels, or stopping by their table for a Pawtograph!

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: Scarlett Mafia

    Returning once again to Colossalcon is Scarlet Mafia! Formed in 2007, this group of performers bring their message of body positivity and self love to the stage. Starting as a masquerade group and branching out into many different types of performance types, they also host many panels that teach from con safety to posing for photos. Come see some familiar faces and meet new ones as well as they walk you through fanfic theatre, dance with them as they again host the formal ball, meet some new friends at their speed friending panel!! and maybe even snag a print of your favorite performers at their booth!

  • Colossalcon Foam Club

    Introducing our newest attraction for partiers who want to get sun on their buns! The Colossalcon Foam Club is an 18+ day club featuring colored foam, live entertainment, heated pool, bars, and food. This must attend event will feature DJ sets by Jinrei, i-lectro*cute, and Randy Derricott.

    Event Details

    Time: Saturday 12pm-3pm
    Location: Outdoor Pool
    Price: Admission:$40 
    18+ only

  • It’s Not a Phase! (Emo Dance Party)

    Dust off your rubber bracelets, your vans and that one band tee you’d always wear. We’ll be blasting all your favorite emo, pop punk and metalcore songs all night. It will feel like warped tour again without having to stand outside in the heat waiting for your favorite band to play. Get ready to join Likely Vain for a trip back to the good ol’ days.

    Request your favorite song using the form below:

  • Guest Announcement: CutiePieSensei

    Jasmine James, known by her alias name CutiePieSensei, is an American cosplayer, fashion designer, social media influencer, and artist based out of Atlanta, GA. By combining her love of gaming, comics, anime and art in general, Jasmine was able to find cosplay as the perfect outlet to unleash her creativity. She’s also a co-founder and designer for the new pop-culture inspired fashion brand, Fira X Wear.  By day, she works as a concept artist for the game Smite, where she combines her knowledge of physical costume construction with her artistic knowledge to create concepts for both her cosplays and the game. She is also known for her appearances on Marvel 616 and Marvel Becoming.

  • Photoshoot Schedule 2024

    The Photoshoot schedule for Colossalcon 2024 is officially live. Click the link below to check out all of the scheduled photoshoots or to submit your own!

  • Mega Wrestling

    Mega Championship Wrestling is a Professional Wrestling organization founded in 1998 based out of Elyria, Ohio. Now part of MEGA Entertainment Promotions, MEGA Wrestling focuses on family oriented content for individuals of all ages to enjoy. MEGA is active with community organizations and community events like the Friends of Murray Ridge and Toys for Tots. MEGA hosted events that have featured stars such as CM Punk, Ruby Soho, EC3, Pete Dunne, Chris Hero,Myron Reed,Al Snow, Headbanger Mosh, Trey Miguel, Chase Owens, Rhyno, Sonny KissGangrel, Ricky Morton, Shark Boy, Steve Corino and many more ! Mega has had its own homegrown talent work for WWE, AEW, and Impact including “Shogun” Jackson Stone, Casey Carrington, Ashton Day, Joseline Navarro, Brycen Teller, and Megan Meyers.

    MEGA broadcasts live every Thursday at 8 PM EST on Facebook and Youtube with their flagship program called Turmoil . You can also follow MEGA on X, Instagram , Threads and Tik Tok at @megawrestling and on their website – megachampionshipwrestling.com

    Website | Twitter |