Update regarding room transfers

Here is the current info in regards to transferring your room from 2021 to 2022 for Colossalcon Prime (Sandusky, OH). We respect that not everyone is comfortable with attending this year and so we put forth a proposal to the Kalahari to allow anyone with a current reservation to be allowed to transfer it to 2022.

After speaking with the reservation department today, we were discouraged to learn that it won’t be possible. With the reservations that rolled over (twice in some cases) from last year, apparently enough of the data on each reservation has been lost or altered as to render it unviable for a 2022 transfer.

We offered some work arounds but we’re told none of these work with their registration system. This also makes a move to legacy booking not possible between 2021 and 2022. We’re going to continue seeking a solution, but at this time, we’re not confident that we will find one, at least not in time for Prime.

You can still transfer your room to another person or cancel it, but at this time, there is no means to transfer it to 2022. An apology to everyone effected is insufficient, but regardless, we are sorry. If you’re looking for someone to transfer your room to, this group should help: Colossalcon Room & Rideshare