Update on our precautions

Here is an update to our health procedures for Colossalcon 2021 (Sandusky, OH). We appreciate your patience with us as we navigate through ever-changing guidance from the CDC and the State of Ohio. *While Ohio’s mask mandate will be lifted just before our event, we do have guests and panelists who have committed to entertaining us under the expectation of certain health precautions. With that in mind, here are the updates:

●Admission sales will be available at the convention. 1-day passes will now be available.

●We ask that you still wear a mask when you enter panel rooms, guest autograph area, dealer room, and artist alley.

●We expect the traffic in the hallways to be far more spread out than we’re accustomed to, so vaccinated attendees and those with medical or disability exemptions can opt to go without a mask in the hallways.

●Those with medical or disability exemptions can opt out of a mask at any time, but we ask that if you are able to wear a mask for a short duration of time, to do so in the autographs area.

●Bullying anyone for wearing or not wearing a mask will not be tolerated. If you engage in bullying, you will be removed.

●Hallways will still follow a one-way traffic pattern.

●Temperature checks will be performed at the admissions booth and autographs area.

●Sanitizing stations will be located throughout the convention space.

●Most event rooms were doubled in size to accommodate distancing, and that will remain the same.

●Most rooms will still have designated entry and exit points.

●Please do your best to stick to your scheduled time for badge pick up. We sincerely thank everyone who is attending for your understanding and help during these unusual times!