Colossalcon Idol

Colossalcon Idol 2022 is hosted by the MIC Group!
Colossalcon Idol 2022 is hosted by the MIC Group!

Welcome to Colossalcon’s 10th-annual Colossal Idol vocal competition! This event is a performance-based competition built around the vocal performance of up to 16 participants who have signed up to sing their (and maybe yours too) favorite anime, video game, and other con-related songs in front of a panel of three judges through elimination-style rounds.

While everyone involved has some musical experience, both judges and competitors alike, none of us are professionals, so this is intended to be an informal, fun, and enjoyable event. Based on the original premise of “American Idol”, we offer prizes to our top performers, including a free badge to our 1st Place winner for next year’s Colossalcon! We are very honored to be able to offer a badge as a prize each year and we always love to have our previous-year’s winner back to perform during the Finale, too. That being said, even if you don’t wish to compete, we still invite attendees to join us as well, since the audience now gets the chance to pick a Fan-Favorite by voting on each performance themselves!

In order to participate, please read through and complete our ColossalIdol 2022 submission form.

Because we have heavy limitations on what songs are allowed, we have also created a Validation Survey (linked here for your convenience, but also linked in the submission form above) for those interested in performing, but unsure if the songs they have in mind are permitted.


If you need to contact us for any reason, we have several outlets of communication! The fastest way to connect with us is via email, but we also have a FaceBook and Twitter page, as well as a new Discord server, where all of our participants, fans, and anyone else can chat about Karaoke, Idol, or any of our other potential programming! Links included below:

Email: midwestidols@gmail.comFaceBook -|- Twitter
Discord Server