The M.I.C. Group

We are The M.I.C. Group (that’s short for Midwest Idol Competitions) and we host Colossalcon’s annual Colossal Idol event and open-mic Karaoke, as well as other assorted participation-based panels, events, and games from time to time!

The M.I.C. Group has been cooperating with and hosting events for Colossalcon for over a decade now. We love being a part of the convention every year and we love seeing everyone who attends our panels and events! This space is dedicated to information about Karaoke and Colossal Idol, but may also be updated to include any additional programming we have planned for the current year! Below, you will find all the pertinent info you will need in order to sign up for Colossal Idol while submissions are open (online submissions only; no at-con submissions will be accepted), as well as our house rules and process for how we run our open-mic Karaoke events across the weekend. If we have any additional programming, they will be listed at the bottom of the page with a brief explanation.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about participating in our events and what we need from you!


If you need to contact us for any reason, we have several outlets of communication! The fastest way to connect with us is via email, but we also have a FaceBook and Twitter page, as well as a new Discord server, where all of our participants, fans, and anyone else can chat about Karaoke, Idol, or any of our other potential programming! Links included below:

Email: midwestidols@gmail.comFaceBook -|- Twitter
Discord Server