The M.I.C. Group

We are The M.I.C. Group (short for Midwest Idol Competitions) and we host Colossalcon’s annual Colossal Idol event and open-mic Karaoke, as well as other assorted participation-based panels, events, and games from time to time!

The M.I.C. Group has been cooperating with and hosting events for Colossalcon for over a decade now. We love being a part of the convention every year and we love seeing everyone who attends our panels and events! This page will have a quick overview of the events we will be hosting this year listed below, with links to any dedicated pages on the site here. 

And with that, please have a look at the pages below for more information about our two major events:




If you need to contact us for any reason, we have several outlets of communication! The fastest way to connect with us is via email, but we also have a FaceBook and Twitter page, as well as a Discord server, where all of our participants, fans, and anyone are welcome to chat about Karaoke, Idol, or any of our other potential programming! Links included below:


Social: FaceBook | Twitter | Discord Server