Guest Announcement: Totally Lost

Totally Lost is a high-energy, award-winning pirate band that brings the spirit of the seas to any performance. With their unique blend of traditional celtic folk, original compositions, and swashbuckling antics, they have become a favorite among the Midwest renaissance faires.

Formed in the 2019 by a group of musicians with a shared love of pirates, music and having a good time, Totally Lost quickly gained a reputation for their captivating live performances. The band features a talented ensemble of musicians playing a variety of instruments, including guitar, Irish whistles, percussion and more! Their haunting harmonies, catchy choruses and entrancing rhythms make it impossible not to get up and dance.

Over the years, Totally Lost has built a dedicated following, playing at Renaissance Faires, conventions and shows across the Midwest. They have also released a few albums, with their upcoming album, “Siren’s Call,” being released in Fall 2023. It will feature a mix of original compositions and traditional Celtic style music.

Fans have said, “you never know what you’re going to get at a Totally Lost show.” So hoist the Jolly Roger, grab a drink, and join the crew for a pirate party you won’t soon forget!