Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Events take place outside in the field near the Sands Pool located on the map below:

outdoor events


Dodgeball returns as part of our outdoor games! Will you save your team from certain defeat? Or will you lead your team to victory by knocking out the most players on your opponents team? Either way, it’s sure to be a good time. Game on!

How to play:

When the game begins, each team rushes to the center of the court to claim balls. The object is to knock out everyone on your opponents team by hitting them with a ball and them not catching it. If they catch the ball though, your’re out!

When the opponents team is down to their last player, you need to knock them out without them catching the ball, and your team wins! If they catch the ball, their entire team is saved and comes back into play!


    • Friday: TBD
    • Saturday: TBD
    • Sunday: TBD

Tag on Titan

Tag on Titan is a tag game themed to the popular anime, Attack on Titan.

How to Play

Players wear a flag-football belt with detachable flags. Scouts and Humans will wear 2 flags, one on each side. Titans will wear one flag on the backside of the belt. For safety reasons, Titans should keep the belt around their waist and not their neck or upper body.

    • Green Flags: Scouts
    • Gold Flags: Humans
    • Red Flags: Titans

Phase 1: The Wall

Titans line up on one side of the field. Scouts are lined up on the opposite side with dodgeballs. Two Humans or volunteers will hold up the rope, representing the wall. When the signal is given, the Titans will charge the wall. Any Titans hit with cannon fire (dodgeballs) is out and must line up to the side of the playing area. Titans who touch the rope move onto the next round.

Phase 2: The City

This is basically tag, where you will grab flags off the opposing forces’ belts. Humans may not grab flags, and can only have their flags taken. If a Scout, Human, or Titan has their flag taken, they are “out,” and must move off the playing field. For every Human removed from the game, a Titan who was already “out” may now re-enter the game. Titans who were eliminated in the wall assault re-enter first. When either all Titans or all Humans are eliminated from the game, the victor is declared.

Optional Games:

Since the supplies are already on hand, there can be games of tug-of-war, capture the flag, and all out dodgeball. Have fun!


  • Friday: TBD
  • Saturday: TBD
  • Sunday: TBD