Iron Wig Contest

Rules for Thursday Iron Wig Contest Participants:

How Iron Wig works:

You may be 1 of the 5 stylists selected from the pool of applicants to move onto the live, 3 hour wig styling competition at con!

If selected, you will receive an email with information on what wig we have selected for this year’s contest. Each contestant will receive that same base wig to style. We will include links to the wig chosen including photos and a description.

Our judges will be answering audience questions on wig-work, and checking in to see what techniques and ideas you have for your blank canvas! 

We understand 3 hours is not a lot of time to get a well-styled wig- we’re not expecting you to finish the wig style, but it’s great if you can! 

You will be given:1 un-styled Arda brand wig (all participants will have the same wig) 1 foam head and tripod (you may bring your own if you prefer)Access to shared extension cords

Contestants must bring their own styling tools. This includes, but is not limited to combs, brushes, irons, hair spray, blow dryers, ect.

Anything you want to add may be put into the wig but must be provided by the contestant. This includes but is not limited to wefts, foam core, extensions, LEDs, wire, lace, accessories(bows/headbands), etc

We encourage you to bring a model (not yourself) for final looks and final judging. We need to see what the wig looks like on a person. If you cannot provide one, we will provide a volunteer for you. Costumes/makeup for your model are encouraged! (but not necessary)

Judging Criteria:

Complexity:The more work you put into the wig giving it outstanding qualities the better. Hair Spikes, Spirals, pompadours, you name it. The more complex your wig is the higher the points here.
Creativity:How unique and inspired your design is, incorporating elements that were possible within the time frame, while still being completely astounding.
Cleanliness:Exhibiting the knowledge of how to treat a wig and it showing in your work. This is how clean your edges are. Are gaps showing? Can we see wefting? Does the model’s natural hairline look covered? Is glue or frizz visible?