CCG & Gaming Market

Do you have some cards, table top games or video games you want to sell? Join us Wednesday evening for the CCG & Gaming Market. Since there is no admission necessary for Wednesday, you can just come straight to Events 1 and set up. Please limit yourself to 1 table. This event is intended for regular attendees, so please, no dealer allowed.
Day/Time: Wednesday 8pm-midnight
Location: Events 1

Permitted items:
Collectible Card Game cards/packs/sets
Table top games
Video games
Arts or crafts so long as they are directly intended for use in game play, ie dice/card boxes
Gaming miniatures
Gaming accessories such as dice

Not permitted:
Figures, toys, plushies, etc (save those for the Otaku Flea Market on sunday)
Arts or craft not directly intended for use in game play, ie print art, plushies, etc.
No games of chance, raffles, or donation solicitations

The above list may not be complete and staff reserves the right to ultimately allow or disallow an item. Because we have a dealer room with exhibitors who pay for space, we do not allow dealers of any kind to sell in the CCG & Gaming Market. If we suspect you of being a dealer, you will be removed.