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    Update regarding room transfers

    Here is the current info in regards to transferring your room from 2021 to 2022 for Colossalcon Prime (Sandusky, OH). We respect that not everyone is comfortable with attending this year and so we put forth a proposal to the Kalahari to allow anyone with a current reservation to be allowed to transfer it to 2022.

    After speaking with the reservation department today, we were discouraged to learn that it won’t be possible. With the reservations that rolled over (twice in some cases) from last year, apparently enough of the data on each reservation has been lost or altered as to render it unviable for a 2022 transfer.

    We offered some work arounds but we’re told none of these work with their registration system. This also makes a move to legacy booking not possible between 2021 and 2022. We’re going to continue seeking a solution, but at this time, we’re not confident that we will find one, at least not in time for Prime.

    You can still transfer your room to another person or cancel it, but at this time, there is no means to transfer it to 2022. An apology to everyone effected is insufficient, but regardless, we are sorry. If you’re looking for someone to transfer your room to, this group should help: Colossalcon Room & Rideshare

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    Panel Submissions for 2021

    Panel submission forms are now available and will close on April 30th at Midnight EST.


    For those who submitted a panel in 2020, and want to still host that panel this year, please go ahead and resubmit.For more information, visit the link below

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    Admission and Transfers are now available

    Admission and badge transfers for Colossalcon Prime 2021 (Sandusky, OH) are now available online. Attendance will be capped to 7,000 this year, so advance purchase is highly recommended. When purchasing admission, you will be asked to choose a date/time that you can begin picking up your badge at the con. You can pick up your badge any time after the date/time you choose, just please not beforehand. Click here to purchase

    If you transferred a badge from 2020 to 2021, you can pick up your badge at any time admissions is open. If you had a badge transferred to 2021, and would like to transfer it to 2022 or to Colossalcon East (Pocono Mountains, PA) or to Colossalcon Texas, you can do so contacting us directly.

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    Health Procedures for Colossalcon 2021

    Here are the health procedures that we will be implementing for Colossalcon 2021. This list is not conclusive and is subject to updating. Thank you for your cooperation!

    • Badge sale will be capped at 7,000 and are on sale online in advance.
    • To avoid admission lines, we’re having you select a date/time when you can begin picking them up from admissions.
    • We will only be offering 4-day badges this year.
    • Mask are mandated indoors and outside when within 6’ of others who aren’t in your room group. Please don’t remove masks until outside (including entryways and foyers) and don’t please don’t enter until your mask is on. Exceptions to the mask mandate will be made for the following: A medical condition including those with respiratory conditions that restrict breathing, mental health conditions, or disability contraindicates the wearing of a facial covering; An individual is communicating or seeking to communicate with someone who is hearing-impaired or has another disability, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication; Individuals under ten years of age.
    • Temperature checks will be performed upon entry. Anyone exhibiting a fever will not be permitted to enter.
    • There will be one-way traffic flow around convention center.
    • Separate entrances and exits for each room in the convention center.
    • Panel rooms restricted to 25% capacity. Room groups can stay together, and everyone else will be 6’ apart with no standing room allowed.
    • In addition to room cleaning, disinfectant products will be made available to panelists and other attendees.
    • There will be no bus shuttle service this year.
    • We will not be organizing group photoshoots.
    • There will be fewer event rooms in total, so that we can enlarge the square footage of the event rooms, including the dealers room and artist alley.
    • No tables in the hallways, to avoid congestion.
    • Hallways should stay in motion to help with flow, staff may ask you to move along if concerns arise.
    • In order to keep masks up, we’ll ask that all eating and drinking be done outside of the convention center.  Food and beverage sales are expected to take place outside.
    • In order to space out the arcade gaming, we will not have console gaming this year.
    • Autographs will be performed using a reservation system similar to fast passes used at amusement parks.
    • Guest interaction will be more limited and at the comfort level of each guest, more details to follow.
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    Colossalcon Status Update

    In accordance with state and local health guidelines, we will be having Colossalcon 2021. It will be limited in some aspects and we will be releasing more details over the next week. We appreciate your patience in answering questions you may have. Thank you!

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    Colossalcon 19.5 is this weekend

    With both Colossalcon Prime and Colossalcon East canceled for 2020, we know that most people have assumed that of .5. This weekend though we will be happy to see you for a night in Fun n’Stuff, just with a few rules put in place to make this still safe.

    – Masks will be required, both by staff and attendance.

    – The beginning line will be handled in a different manner. We will be handing out the registration outside, and then will ask for you to wait in your car until it is open.

    – Fun n’ Stuff will have their own social distancing procedures in place and because of that certain things may be “off line” like the hamster balls, or take a bit longer inbetween for cleaning.

    We appreciate everyone’s patience waiting for this announcement and your patience for the safety guidelines being put in place. We will begin selling wristbands at 10pm this Saturday, July 25th. The event begins at 11pm. See you then!

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    Colossalcon 2020 is cancelled

    Hey everyone,
    Sadly we must announce the cancellation of Colossalcon Prime 2020. Though we were looking forward to a convention as a way to unwind from 2020, it has become very clear that things have not gotten to a place where we could have the con, even with social distancing procedures in place.

    We will be sending out an email via eventbrite to anyone who preregistered for refunds or possible transfers to 2021.

    The Kalahari will be sending out an email with a transfer form for your rooms. They have a cutoff date of 12pm (est) 7/17/2020 to transfer. Please check all incoming email including spam folders! They will not transfer via phone call in order to keep everything organized for you guys, and if there are rooms left over we will let you know at a later date.

    Currently it is looking like we won’t be holding an online convention in place of Prime, but we hope to see everyone next year happy and healthy.