Need a Locker?

Staying offsite? Just visiting us for a day? Need a locker for your stuff? We have a solution for your storage needs for Colossalcon 2019. We will have storage totes that you can rent for a day or the whole weekend. If you rent one for the weekend, you can just take the tote home with you. The totes will be kept in a secured room and you can access your stuff like you would at a coat check.

The storage room will be open for the following hours:
Thur noon-midnight
Fri 10am-2am
Sat 10am-2am
Sun 10am-3pm

it is located at the entrance of the Crown Palm room next to Con Ops.

The tote is a 23x16x12″ 14 gallon tote. If you have items that can’t fit into that size, we will do our best to store them for you. If you simply have more stuff than will fit in the tote, you will need to rent an additional tote.

The price to rent the tote is:
$5 for 1 day or
$15 total for the entire 4days, and you can keep the tote.
We thank you in advance for the rental fee as it pays the people who are securing the stuff all weekend.

On-site Locker Rentals at the Waterpark

(Note: You must have a Waterpark pass to access)

Daytime Locker Rental @ Waterpark:
Pre-Purchase: People going during day-pass times can pre-purchase a locker online within the waterpark. Locations are in the Mens Locker (Area) Rental, Womens Locker (Area) Rental, or Waterpark (not in a changing area) Rental. $20/day.
Pre-purchase online:Here

At the Door:
Contact the Kalahari for At the Door locker rental pricing.

Late Night Locker Rental @ Waterpark:
Kalahari Waterpark Lockers will be available to rent for the Late Nite Event for $5/each day of the event
– These are not available for pre-purchase.
– You can only purchase 1 day at a time.

More Details: